The Origin

Did you know that ‘Serendipity’ comes from ‘Serendip’, one of the ancient names of Sri Lanka?

‘Serendipity’ is also a well-known word with many meanings, such as: ‘happy accident, an unplanned, fortunate discovery and beautiful coincidence’, but the meaning we fell in love with the most was: ‘an unexpected good luck’.



We are Deborah from Germany, Marina from Spain and Ylva from Norway, three happy souls who met travelling and living in Sri Lanka. We all changed our lives radically by leaving our homes to follow our dreams around the world. We met on this tropical island through a shared passion for yoga, surfing, travel and curry. We felt so lucky finding each other and since the day we met, we became inseparable friends who made jokes about calling us My Serendipity.

Our Team



Manager / Co-Founder

Marina will accompany you throughout the retreat and will capture your best smile with her camera. Apart from being in charge of all the communication, she transmits the "My Serendipity" philosophy.

Marina is pure energy and is always doing things. She loves being in the water (her nickname is "Spanish mermaid"). She is passionate about surfing, traveling and writing stories of all those inspiring people she meets along the way.

She was born and raised in Madrid, and is full of positive energy. She has been traveling for a few years, and eventually started to work as a freelance photographer and journalist in Sri Lanka.

She works as a journalist and in communications for a creative agency, but what inspires her most is the sea and discovering new cultures.


Manager / Co-Founder

Debbie will be taking care of the surfing element at My Serendipity. With her positive attitude and infectious smile, it’s no doubt that she has the intuition to create a beautiful atmosphere for the people around her, on land and in the water. 

Debbie grew up in Germany in a small city near Frankfurt. She is an active and fun-loving person and she takes every opportunity to spend her free time in nature or near the water. After completing her education, she worked in the advertising industry and hospitality for over ten years. She has also furthered her professional education and worked as a trainer in Corporate Health Management and stress management. 

With her passion for surfing and looking for new adventures, she decided in 2016 to leave her routine life in Germany behind to explore and travel the world. Guided by the sea and different cultures, she explored the beauty of several countries such as Indonesia, New Zealand and Central America. 

In the last few years, she has worked mostly abroad. With her experience in hospitality and organizational skills, she leads surf & yoga retreats in Sri Lanka and Spain. 


Yoga Instructor / Co-Founder

Ylva is a fun-loving yogi with a passion for surfing, yoga, singing, and playing the guitar. She grew up on a Norwegian fjord and seeks the water anywhere she goes. 

Ylva has worked as a qualified yoga teacher since 2015. She took her yoga qualifications in Goa, Rishikesh & London, and is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. Ylva has expanded her expertise into other branches of Yoga such as SUP & aerial and Full Moon SUP Yoga Ceremony.

She teaches yoga and organizes retreats around the globe. Based in the beautiful town of Voss, western Norway, and Sri Lanka.

Constantly smiling and laughing, she is a little ray of sunshine as you roll out of bed for morning Vinyasa.


Yoga Instructor

Flo is originally from Seville, Spain, although she left her hometown in 2011 seeking for new adventures and experiences. Due to this decision she ended up working, studying and traveling on her own among Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. This journey led her to discover yoga and meditation, her passion and lifestyle.
Flo have been practicing and studying yoga since 2013. She became a yoga teacher while she was living in India from a very traditional school in Dharamsala, India (Banjaara yoga and Ayurveda school).
Therefore, her original practice and classes were very influenced by Ashtanga and Hatha. During her years of practice and travels she tried different styles and studied with many teachers which led her to find her own style and practice on the mat. Nowadays Flo encourage you to move on the mat from love and intuition, supporting you to listen to your own sensations, honoring your body and connecting to the only guru which is within you. She is also a social pedagogue, mindfulness coach, Vipassana meditator and essential oils educator.


Yoga Instructor

Kristina was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Germany. With an open heart and curiosity she loves to explore the world and has been traveling for over 10 years, seeking for adventures, learning about new cultures and studying Yoga and it’s philosophy all around the world. She was inspired by different teachers and traditions. It took her to India, the root and heart of Yoga, to study classical Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Breathwork, Meditation and Tantra. In her Yoga classes she teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, intuitive movement, breathwork, mindfulness and female embodiment. She is hosting retreats all over Europe and synergises Coaching, Yoga and spirituality to a holisitc practice. She is facilitating and holding space in women circle and cacao ceremonies. Her dharma and soulmission is to inspire and help women to unfold their true self, to claim their power and remember who they are. Besides Yoga, Kristina is a video editor and blogger. She loves to write about self-development, personal growth and mindfulness. She has a passion for surfing, dancing, doing art and playing handpan.



Zoe was a graphic designer based in Barcelona when she decided to travel the world. Since then, she discovered her passion for food in every country she visited and lived in. When you try her food, you can taste a piece of all these places she travelled. One day, she received a call to work as a chef, and that’s why she decided to take her talent to the next level. She studied vegan cuisine at Hofmann Culinary School and since then she has been working as a chef in different retreats. Zoe loves the ocean and going for a surf, meet people, traveling and she is the best at making vegan desserts!

Loving our planet


We believe that every personal action matters and that we can awake our awareness of environmental protection through experiencing nature. At our retreats we learn how to love the sea by having fun catching waves as well as the importance of keeping the ocean clean.
With small acts of consciousness such as bringing our own reusable water bottles, we can not only drastically reduce our own waste but also help encourage people to think about their own daily plastic usage.
The Earth is our home and it’s time for us to appreciate, love, and respect it. By making small changes in our own lives and encouraging others to do the same, we can together make this planet a greener place.

Let’s support each other